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February 2007


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Susan Loral

My company has bought their reports and attended the Sherpa shows in the past. I don't like the new program and we won't be subscribing to it.

I'm disappointed at Ann Holland's response to your issue

Don Rodriguez

I for one was disappointed to see Sherpa's business model had changed. I liked the idea of being able to purchase just what I wanted to read, the ability to cherry pick the content and the fact that here was a service any business, no matter how small, could afford. As an independent consultant, I don't have the luxury of shelling out a thousand bucks for a report or 5 digits for a subscription service. I thought here is a co. that is actually customer-centric and realizes they can probably make $ by being affordable to all. I guess the majority of Sherpa's target market work for a corporation as opposed to themselves and would like the company to foot the bill.

Tony Barnes

I saw the offer on the sherpa site right away - no digging required. The search engine (websidestory?) on the site has never been great. The content is, though. I like Sherpa's content. Never bought anything from them, though.

Sounds like your customer service needs to send an email at least acknowledging that you got the message right away !

Jessica Holland

Sounds like Sherpa is charging for a beta program that should be free :)

I'm tired of companies like Microsoft that charge customers to participate in troubleshooting their buggy products.

Anne Holland

Steve, Thanks for your feedback about our new Membership Service. It's always good to hear how we can improve things - and that's actually why we launched it last week "under the radar", without any overt promotion whatsoever. If you dug into the corners of our site, you'd find an offer, but if you stuck to our home page, bookstore, and the free articles that 99% of our traffic goes to, then you would not.

You were one of the few who dug, discovered the offer, and signed up on the VERY FIRST DAY of the beta test. I thank you for that. We gave a free 7 day trial and cut $100.00 off the price to acknowledge the fact that being the first tryer of a new service isn't always a perfect experience. Our goal - to find out what we needed to improve from honest customers.

Some of your problems -- such as the error you got early on -- were corrected within minutes on that first beta launch day. Others -- such as folks' aversion to right-click-DRM -- were changed within 7 days of launch.

We also were able to update our customer service procedures so when a Member emails us (as you did) past 5pm on a Friday night, our late-night service staff are ready to step in more quickly to handle the account. (Originally, we were having our head of service handle members personally -- that's a problem when she leaves for the weekend and then comes in on Monday to a deluge of email. Note: I heard someone got back to you by Tuesday at the latest, is that correct?)

When will our Membership service roll out at full price with public promotions? Not until we're satisfied that our user experience is a bit more improved. For example, our programmers are upgrading site search functionality thoroughly over the next week.

Like almost any software-based launch, this has been buggy. But I'm convinced we'll get there fairly soon. In the meantime (and naturally afterwards) I look forward to learning from everyone's comments.

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