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September 2007


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Laurel Phelps

Thank you for the "heads up" about Quechup!
Duly noted.

I am glad you brought up the "trust" factor.
I totally agree with you: "This is a violation of the number one governing principle of social networks: trust."

In fact, TRUST should be a guiding factor and underlying principal in every aspect of sales an marketing...especially online.

Our Clients must have "the firm reliance of integrity, ability and character of our services", no matter what they are (trust defined).

In sales and marketing, a bond of trust is vital to continued success. Our Clients have to be able to trust that we can and will deliver for them.

Our continued sales success depends on not breaking that bond. Consumers today have gotten smarter, and rightly so.

When you promise that you will deliver a service, manage a production well...whatever...make sure you DO IT.

Many PR Firms promise a lot and deliver little. Trustworthiness is a line of demarcation between a good Company and one that is phenomenal! Phenomenal Marketing will meet and exceed Client expectations consistently.

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