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March 2008


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thank you for the meaningful article...
i enjoyed reading.



As one who works teaches companies how to build email campaigns, I think that this is great information. It is absolutely vital to know you leads and understand what kind and how much emailing they can take.

Steve Gershik

Thanks, John. The second part of your comment startled me "... it's easy to get tangled up in meaningful metrics." until I thought about it a bit.

Most folks think if the metrics are so meaningful, you can't really get tangled up in them, can you? What you want to avoid are the unmeaningful metrics.

But you bring up a great point. There are so many things we can look at, so many ways to slice our data, that it's easy to get distracted by the numbers, rather than looking at the prospect's digital body language, interpreting what they are interested in by their behavior and stated needs.


John Gillett

As an email marketer that is torn between Web 2.0 coolness and creating the perfect tone for technical white paper promotion, I appreciate your simple distillation of a solid email strategy.

It's easy to get tangled up in meaningful metrics...there is no substitute for learning more about how actual prospects and customers respond to different mailing frequencies and messaging.

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