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April 2008


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Joseph Zuccaro

Your simple example of the integration of online prospect behavior with the recorded efforts of the salesperson should shed enormous light for sales and marketing executives.

If this is not an epiphany for them, I don't know what is...

I think the same people who don't read blogs before they court bloggers are the same people who call reporters on deadline and pitch them stories that clearly the writer doesn't cover. It's pretty lazy marketing.

And your blog is so well written, Jenny. Though I wish there would be a guest post by Victor since I often wonder about his interpretation of some of the events you write about!

Jenny, Bloggess

It's a good way of looking at it but even more importantly, it's about knowing who you're marketing to. I get people who send me sales emails all the time and I end up crucifying them on my blog. (Including the one I did today.) They never know because they don't actually read my blog which is sadly indicative of the marketing-to-bloggers industry.

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