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September 2008


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Vaibhav Domkundwar - ReadyContacts.com

This is a great point and something that will keep marketing campaigns focused. At ReadyContacts, we drive our customers to think and apply a similar approach to LEAD DATA - to focus on building and maintaining HIGH QUALITY ROLE-BASED LEAD DATA that increased the "interest generation rate" via every campaign as you focus on specific buyers and not a generic contact at a company.

If companies can apply metrics right from data onwards all the way to the point you may, the overall effectiveness will drastically improve.

Saeed Khan

From a departmental POV, a key metric is conversion rate, but Marketers also need to focus on revenue and tie that back to campaign spend. Then comparisons can be made between conversion rates, close rates, revenue per program/campaign etc. to identify gaps (in sales and/or marketing) and work to close them.

Too often Marketing focuses on "marketing metrics" and loses sight of the bigger picture. By staying focused on the end goal, but measuring success at the various stages along the way, Marketing can play a key strategic role in optimizing revenue generation.


Britton Manasco

Nicely presented. You've clearly captured the shift away from CTRs as a key metric. But I wonder if "close" is what we are paying for. Maybe it's "conversion." In the B2B arena of complex solutions, it's typically the sales team that handles the close. We are trying to produce a sales ready lead and track what happens thereafter. The close doesn't usually happen online. But maybe that doesn't matter from your point of view. Marketers should still get significant credit for the close. Right?

Britton Manasco


Interesting post. If you can't completely track ROI or do significant reporting along with your lead management, you can't measure progress.

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