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March 2009


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Thanks, Roger. The nice update is that in the process of looking at agencies, we've found some real gems, folks who deeply understand the needs of marketers to measure and track their investments in all areas of marketing these days.

Will update you all on our final choice once we've signed.

Roger Simitzky

Hi Steve-

Thanks. You should check out 5W PR -- they are a really great agency with a super smart, classy CEO named Ron Torrosian. He's a real gem.

Dale Underwood

I wanted to comment on the blogfader post (comments closed) but this will do. BTW, you explained in that post in 3 sentences what TOA does better than I could decipher from being on the actual site for 10 minutes.

It also looks like a "branding" site. I'm sure your main goal is to find sales opportunities, correct? Check out Why Most B2B Websites Don't Work.

Related to that is converting qualified inbound traffic. Check out
5 Must Haves For A Strong Call To Action.

Congratulations on the new gig and good luck...


Elizabeth Sosnow

Valuable insights!

There are certainly any number of things that folks can do to answer your concerns:

1. Consider asking firms to operate under an annual budget that is drawn down by project. At our firm, we monitor time on a weekly basis and can tell you how your "spend" is evolving.

2. Tracking staff billable hours is also important. One way to do that is to set up a system whereby employees must predict (perhaps on a weekly basis) the hours they expect to invest for each client. Management can then adjust those hours according to client need and emerging news. They can also pull in more resources if necessary.

3. Finally, pick a firm that enjoys challenging you on strategy, but also sticks around for the "tough part" of the conversation -- developing a nuts and bolts (possibly, dare I say it, even boring!)set of tactics that will help you deliver on your brand's potential.

I really enjoyed your perspective and good luck on your agency search...

Elizabeth Sosnow
Managing Director


Thanks for all the comments so far, guys.

James, I would be all for the puppy and bottled water if that resulted in creativity. Unfortunately, in many agencies I've spoken with, it merely equates to overhead, not results. And yes, we're working on a new web site, too. Thanks for the feedback!

Roger, we may not need a new agency, but we've had some challenges with the one we have now, and the responsible thing to do is look at other options when it comes up.

And DB, glad to see you comment. And I completely agree that great account management makes the relationship long lasting. And Clear Ink had great account management when I worked with you guys! Too bad you don't have a PR practice.

A final note: One PR agency, once they saw that we had spun up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and having had some talks about a corporate blog, came back to us with a suggestion we post on Slide Share and Flickr. Without a cohesive strategy (specifically, what posting on those sites earn a B2B company), the company's social media expertise pitch rings hollow.

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