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March 2011


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Dave Lawrence

I love the HubSpot approach to marketing. They make it seem so simple because it is! Plus, the way they tie everything back to the bottom line is so critical to marketing moving forward and continuing to assert its value in any economic climate. We've always known the value but HubSpot gives us a way to prove it!


Mike makes a great point about everyone using social media in the marketing team as there is no need to have a specific social media team for some companies if you can integrate that activity into your on-line marketing activities and make it simple as well as effective. Nice interview Steve.

Luiz Carlos Conte

Hubspot rocks! Thanks god to put these guys in our way. Inbound marketing literally change the way we do bussines here in Brasil ( at least the companies in my close network). alexa 963? wow!!! Congrats hubspot !!!

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